Union Benefits
Initially founded in 1974 as a District Council, the Millwrights Regional Council of Ontario (MRCO) was awarded Regional status in October 1997 and is mandated to serve and represent the unionized membership of millwrights throughout Ontario.
The MRCO represents eight local unions province-wide. Each local union supplies its respective region with highly skilled, productive and labour-ready millwrights and apprentices.
Committed to providing better service, benefits and quality of life for all millwrights, the MRCO is responsible for appointing exemplary individuals to work as local union representatives under its guidance.
Together, MRCO executives and local union reps regularly monitor training opportunities, legislative changes and new industry contractors to ensure all members are kept up-to-date on new developments in the millwright trade.
For details about the MRCO's local union offices, see contact us.
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