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Union Benefits
Our goal is to negotiate the best possible wages, benefits and working conditions for our members. Every contractor who wishes to employ our millwrights must first sign an agreement with the MRCO. Through the terms of this agreement, we become the sole provider of manpower for the unionized construction millwright industry. When one of our contractors requires millwrights and apprentices, they simply contact their local union office, which in turn provides the necessary skilled trades people.
This system is extremely beneficial:
1. Contractors have access to a labour-ready supply of skilled millwrights
2. Employers always have the workers they need, regardless of a projects complexity or duration
3. Union members get to work in a guarenteed safe environment
If you are a millwright who is interested in becoming a union member, please contact the local union office nearest you.
Or, if you are a contractor who is not yet signed on with the MRCO, please contact us for more information. Only once you have signed a collective agreement will you be able to take advantage of our highly skilled, mobile and well-organized workforce.