An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade while working under the guidance of a qualified journeyperson.
Why is apprenticeship important? So we can maintain excellence in our trade. Our clients know that every union millwright undergoes extensive, ongoing training, and is capable of providing the highest quality service possible. If you are interested in becoming a millwright apprentice contact the local union office closest to you.
The Construction Millwrights Apprenticeship Program is 90% on-the-job and 10% classroom training. To become a construction millwright, you must complete 8,000 hours of work with a qualified journeyperson, and attend the trade school at George Brown College (Casa Loma Campus) in Toronto.
The George Brown program consists of three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Each level is eight weeks, full-time. You must obtain a passing grade at each level before going on to the next one.
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