On going training is a key part of maintaining your career, for the following reasons:
1. Employers want millwrights who are familiar with advances in technology and who are properly trained in safety. The best trained millwright will be the first one hired and will be kept on the job the longest.
2. Specific skills may be requested by contractors. New technologies are developing quickly, creating a need for specialization. Our millwright training programs are designed to teach innovative techniques and skills that enhance your abilities and make you more employable.
3. In order to maintain excellence with our trade, our workforce must be well trained and highly skilled. Our clients know that every union millwright undergoes extensive, ongoing training, and is capable of providing the highest quality service possible. They know that they can depend on our members to get the job done right.
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Part of our role is to keep millwrights up-to-date on technical and educational developments in the industry. The MRCO offers a variety of courses and programs to help keep you informed about the things you need to know to do your job well.
For more information on upcoming courses and educational events, check out Keep your skills up-to-date.