While awaiting their next job, all qualified out-of-work union members can
apply for EI and supplementary unemployment benefits from MRCO.
Since construction millwright work is cyclical, there are often periods of time when jobs are unavailable. Even so, MRCO members are able to collect employment insurance while awaiting their next job. What's more, they can rest assured that someone is always looking for their next job.
Our system is beneficial to everyone - millwrights, contractors and industry clients. When a new job comes up:
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Member's area
1. Highly proficient contractors bid on industry projects
2. The successful union contractor contacts their local union office
3. The local union dispatches millwrights and apprentices depending on the skills required
4. Those who have been out of work the longest go to work first, unless the project calls for specific skills
5. Once the project is complete, the laid-off millwrights contact their local union office, and their names go back on the out-of-work list