At the MRCO, worker safety is our number one priority.
The type of work millwrights do involves risk. We help create safe environments by teaching both apprentices and journeymen how to stay safe on the job.
Our health and safety program has three main objectives:
1. To provide new millwrights with the health and safety training they need to work safely on the job.
2. To keep our members up-to-date about workplace health and safety issues
3. To encourage millwrights to gain the communication skills they need to work cooperatively - and safely - with others
Member's area
For more information, see Apprenticeship and Training.
As a union millwright, you benefit from knowing how to stay safe - plus you work with other unionized millwrights who have the same training. If you're working in an unsafe or unhealthy environment, contact the local union office nearest to you. Confidentiality is guaranteed.