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If you're starting out as an unionized construction apprentice millwright, it's important for you to know what you're entitled to.
As an apprentice, your hourly wage is a percentage of the journeyperson's rate. You start at 60% of the journeyperson's rate. With each 2,000 hours worked, you move up to the next apprenticeship level, and your wage goes up 10%. To qualify for the wage increase, you must also maintain a passing grade in your trade school classes.
After you've completed 8,000 hours and finished all your required courses, you can write the exam for the certificate of qualification as a construction millwright. Once you have the certificate, you will be paid a full journeyperson's wages.
As a millwright apprentice, you're entitled to safe working conditions and the knowledge you need to work safely. Every apprentice must go through the MRCO Health and Safety program as part of their millwright training. To find out more about it, see Safety Awareness Training.
To learn more about apprenticeship and training programs, see Apprenticeship and Training or contact the local union office closest to you to find out about becoming a millwright.