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If you think you would like to work as a millwright, you should take courses in math, science, mechanics, technical drawing and shop.
A solid education is very important to the millwright trade - and highly valued in the industry. Preliminary training will make your apprenticeship easier, and continuous training will open up a great number of future job opportunities.
To become a millwright apprentice, you must first apply to the local union office nearest you. Every applicant must undergo an aptitude test, organized by the local union. The minimum age requirement is 16 years old, and all applicants must have a Grade 10 education and a mechanical aptitude.
It is also recommended that those planning a career as a millwright should attend a trade-related community college for one or two years.
But before you can actually become a licensed millwright, you have to work as a millwright apprentice. It takes a minimum of four years or 8,000 hours to complete an apprenticeship program, during which time you will undergo classroom and on-the-job training. To find out more, see Apprenticeship and Training.